Saturday, May 26, 2012

On Mother's Day...

 My Hannah Joy (Mini Me) made a mixed-media collage page for me.  I loved every bit of it.
 My sweet boy made me a Perfect heart and even wrapped it himself.  Naomi made it clear to everyone that she had to help him cut it out 'cause "he was 'bout to ruin it"!  haha!
 Naomi gave me this awesome tile trivet that she decoupaged herself with tissue flower punches and also made me a tissue hydrangea that actually smelled nice!  She was so proud of her gifts.  I love when elementary school teachers take time for stuff like that.
This is my Taryn and she picked out thee greatest card for me.  It was "Great Moms throughout History".  "You can cross the Delaware AFTER you've finished doing your chores!"~G.Washington's Mom
"It looks like this room hasn't been cleaned in fourscore and seven years!"~A. Lincoln's Mom
"You actually met men who are willing to ask for directions??"~Sacajawea's Mom
"It doesn't take a genius to see you need to comb your hair!"~A.Einstein's Mom
And the greatest mom of all time... (a little foil mirror)  YOU!
Isn't that perfect for me?  
Then hubby picked out this beautiful Brighton charm bracelet out for me.  You can add the charms to either side and so he got the four different birthstone charms of my children.  I love all the detail on the bracelet - especially all of the inscriptions and the cool font. 
They know me well.  I know I'm blessed, but that morning I felt more blessed than ever!


  1. So special. You have some really amazing kids sis. I loved taryns card that was perfect! And ps Hannah is looking so grown in her straight skirt and classic black heels.

  2. How blessed you are with such thoughtful, precious children!! :o)


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