Monday, March 18, 2013

Is it Spring Break yet??

I love this picture I was able to capture of my girl Hannah doing the butterfly.  So proud of her!
We have been running like crazy this month with so many activities.  Throw in a Flu Bug and it just makes for some rough days at the Morales home.  I am really looking forward to having the kids on break in a few weeks.  Marco still has work that week, but it will be nice to have that slower pace to maybe catch up a bit.
Here's a couple things that I thought were worth mentioning this month...
 Naomi finally decided she'd like to cut her hair. She needed at least ten inches to donate to Locks of Love (she was really excited about this part) and she had no problem sharing almost 12 inches!
 First shock of seeing her hair cut off from the back.
 Here it is! Wow. I did get a little teary eyed watching it all go.
 This is my dear friend Vicki. She has been cutting my hair (and the kids) for about 10 years.  I'm pretty sure she's given all of my kids their first hair cuts.  We love her so much.
Naomi was very happy with her new look and can't wait to show her friends at school.
 Here's my two guys at Hannah's swim meet. We are her biggest fans you know!
 The two little ones like to get in the "splash zone" when the kids do their flips. :)
 HEY!! Don't leave yet!! Two more pictures to go...
 Trying to get better on selfies. My kids think it's hilarious that I still can't take them very well. Oh and I got my hairs cut too...and colored. ;)
Here's my girl Taryn and me doing a photo bomb.  I love this girl. She is such a big help to me at church in the nursery.  She is great with babies and small children. Her obsession with One Direction cracks me up. You've never heard so much talk about London and Ireland... hehe.

Thanks for sticking around until the end.  I know it was photo heavy - but how can I choose when I've got these amazing kiddos?? ;)


  1. awe, i loved reading this. I got a little teary eyed just seeing you all. I miss you guys a lot. :( I love your hair and Nay's hair looks so precious on her!

  2. Naomi's hair looks ADORABLE! Someone will be so blessed to receive her beautiful hair! Way to go Naomi! The photo you shared of Hannah doing the butterfly is so cool! Looks like she has alot of family support and cheer leading! So Miss Taryn likes working in the nursery? That is SUCH a gift! I love love love the last pic of the two of you together. Girl you are such a NUT! What a beautiful and very special family. :)


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