Monday, June 17, 2013

Catching my breath...

Looks like I have a post in my edits that was supposed to be posted last Monday for "hello monday". Hmmm...
Not too sure what happened except that it has just been so crazy that I imagine I meant to post it and never did.  Anyway, I didn't even notice until I went to check what number "hello monday" I was on...
So, what did you miss? Well... my oldest graduated from High School.
I love that she spotted us right away in the crowd!
That's her!
She has already started at Chaffey College and will be studying Kinesiology  as well as playing water polo for the school.
Some very faithful cheerleaders here...
Daddy's Girl
Halleluyer! WE did it. lol
Me and My Girl
Then the next day, THIS happened
 My Taryn promoted from 8th grade and will be attending North High School next year.
She graduated with honors!
 Naomi ended the second grade with an amazing field trip to a local park that has a splash pad. They played all sorts of games and enjoyed a picnic lunch with all of the other second graders. She had such an awesome teacher this year. Mrs. Hernandez was all about fun + learning.
And lastly, this little man.  He completed his first year of school.  Kindergarten was intense. Each full day was stuffed with learning writing, reading, math and more from the moment they walked in until the time they headed home which was 2:55 just about every day.
Also during the week were award ceremonies, parties and celebrations of course - you get the idea.

It's been wild, but I am finally able to sit down and catch my breath.  Sort of...
Another big huge thing - is that after 6 years of giving it our all, we've closed the doors to our Freedom Church and ministry.  There were many reasons and events that led up to this decision, and although I still haven't been able to process it all, I have faith that it was the right decision.
So as that door has closed, we are watching to see what other doors will open.
We are praying for a job for my husband - his other job at CBU is done for the summer and won't resume until the fall classes begin again.
Learning to walk our talk and trust Him.

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  1. It was the busiest week EVER! Praying with you and for you! Love you.


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