Monday, September 16, 2013

What needs attention now?

If I asked you this question, what would you say?
Would it be huge, life-altering self-improvement projects or perhaps something on a smaller scale like clean out your junk drawers?
Well, I think it can be anything you want it to be - so let me answer first.

What needs attention now?
1. My health.
I believe that this is one area that I have talked about and talked about, but what have I done about it?  Not a whole lot, to be honest.   It's not that I haven't tried - I have.  But then I quit.  I'd decide I was going to eat differently or start walking and I would be off to an amazing start!! So determined...

Well, anyway.  Here I am again.  This time, it is different.  I feel differently about it.  I don't know if it's my age or just the fact that I want to look good and feel good too.

So I am on day 22 of eating a Paleo/Primal diet.  Hoping to make it my primary way of eating permanently.  I have started doing my exercise DVDs again - Biggest Loser Boot Camp and Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga.  I've also gone to the doctor, and just today, have had my blood drawn.  I am starting The 2013 Primal Blueprint 21 Day Challenge today also.  I have been blogging about my health and weight loss on another blog - if you care to follow along and encourage me, let me know and I'll send you the link.

It's not just my weight I'm worried about, but my actual health also.  I know my blood pressure is high and who knows what else I need to work on?  I will get my results back soon, I hope!  It's a start.

2. My heart.
I have never really been completely open here in this little space of mine here in blog world, but it's not because I didn't want to be.  I write.  When I am happy, when I am sad, angry, scared, excited...  I write.  But to put it right here for all the world (or maybe just three of you) to be able to judge every word typed out, every thought or idea I hold dear... Well, that just didn't seem safe or wise.  Most of the time it's not even anything shocking or news shattering.  I usually hold back because I don't want to hurt anyone or offend anyone.  So while most bloggers are making a living at "telling it like it is", I sit and stew and worry over what I should or shouldn't share.  No more.  It's not good for me and it honestly stifles my creativity.
I'm so thankful for Brene Brown. Oh, my goodness. I can't say enough about how my heart is growing and changing and strengthening through reading her books and listening to her talks... but something big is going to happen and it's about time!  I've never had one, and she doesn't know this, but she is my mentor. Yup. She is.

So there's the more "heavy" stuff.  As for the lighter areas, they would currently be:
1. the pantry and "cooking cupboard"
2. the last bit of stuff in the garage to go through
3. Craigslist/Ebay/Etsy items
4. Random housework
Ecclesiastes 9:10a Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;
What needs your attention right now?? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I also wait and hesitate and second guess my post before hitting the "publish" button. I'll reread them and over-think them, especially the personal ones. I admire your new-found resolve. Keep on posting!


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