Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calendar Swap received...

I am a member of a Yahoo! art group called Altered Start. I've really enjoyed getting to know this community of fellow artists. I have participated in a couple of swaps and just got back the most recent one.
For the calendar swap, each person chose a month to do and then made 13 pages for that month. Each page had to be 6x6, have a pocket, and be creative. You send the pages to the swap hostess and she puts all of the calendars together, and even binds them, and then you receive a complete calendar for the new year. Each page done by a different person - including the cover page. I really enjoyed seeing everybody's different take on their month.
I did November. =)

Cover Page by: Carol R.

January by: Beth W.

February by: Gloria C.

March by: BJ C.

April by: Betsy B.

May by: Dee M.

June by: Francine DH.

July by: Rick St.D.

August by: Julia J.

September by: Rick St. D.

October by: Kristal T.

November by: Yours Truly =)

December by: Donna D.
I had such a great time with this swap and I'm looking forward to more in the future to keep me inspired!

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  1. How cool!!! I wish I could do that! It looks really neat sis.


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