Monday, December 13, 2010

December's 12 of 12...

A once a month peek into my daily routine...12 pictures on the 12th of each month for you to get to know me just a bit better. =)

Sundays are always busy for our household. We are all up and out the door by 9 a.m. or so. We have music practice, then Sunday School, then Worship Service at 11... We go home for the afternoon and return for Sunday Evening service. I am thankful that all of my kids enjoy church. Of course, I am aware that it's mostly for the social aspect at this point. I am also glad that we go as a family. It may seem that we don't have much of a choice since my husband is the pastor, but we do. We don't like to miss, even when we are under the weather.
Well, here is where my morning started...turning on the tree for my little guy. He wakes up and wants to turn the tree lights on right away. This is one of my favorite hand-made ornaments. The mother of one of my students made it last year. It's made of a styrofoam ball, pins, sequins and beads. Imagine the patience this took!
We are renting the property where our church meets. It is owned by a Seventh Day Adventist church and they have their services on Saturday. Works out perfectly for us since we meet on Sundays! Anyway, this is one of the Poinsetta plants that they had on display. I'm thinking it needed some help. =/

True story: My little guy came up to me after music practice, got on one knee and held out this flower and said, "Marry me?" haha! It made me smile and then I made him reinact it for a picture. =)

Here's my monthly picture of Hannah...what can I say? Every day is a hair event for this girl. She's such a good girl to her mama.

Little Marco (and every other kid) is fascinated by the drum set. They all take turns trying to sneak onto the platform to take a swipe at the drums before they get called out... *smile*

Sadly, you can often find my two youngers playing in the dirt, chasing the chickens, or annoying the goat on the property. This usually happens before AND after the service.

I finally got a picture of Taryn! She tries to avoid the camera as often as possible - but I caught her feeling good today. Must've been the flower in her hair! haha

We usually get a bite to eat after church, but came home for lunch today. We had plenty of leftovers to munch on and I was super tired. I noticed Naomi going out of her way to crunch as many leaves as she could. Another smile...

We had to stop for gas on our way back to church later in the evening. I remembered to grab a shot.

We had some friends over for our evening service. They are currently serving in Belize as missionaries. They were home for a couple of weeks so they came to present their work at our church. We went to Denny's afterward and I had to get a Cherry Cherry LimeAid. YUM!

Here's both of our families...

We got in pretty late...

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my day. I have really been enjoying the Reverb 10 Prompts every day. I've got a button in my side bar if you want to join in! It's not too late to catch up!


  1. You have such a great eye! Love the pics! Beautiful woman, beautiful family! Blessings and Merry Christmas!! :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful day. Our Sundays are a bit more quiet than yours! LOVING the new blog and your #reverb10 responses :)

  3. Very nice Sherry, love the final photo- so peaceful! Thanks for posting your photos. :)


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