Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving forward...

So, despite the lingering case of bronchitis - I have a had a pretty good weekend. I went into urgent care on Thursday night with my husband because we were both afraid that we might have pneumonia. We have a miserable cough that just won't go away. We were there until almost 3 a.m. *UGH* We had x-rays taken and then the doctor told us we had bronchitis and "Tis the season". Wow. I din't think that was funny. Oh, well. Moving forward.

I had work the next morning, but I was wiped out from being out so late at the urgent care. That night I had a friend over and we worked on making her daughter's high school graduation announcements. They turned out great! Going to have to make sure I get a picture of them before she sends them all out!

My two youngest had their last soccer game on Saturday morning. They really learned a lot in this short season. They even received a trophy!!

After that it was time to head out to the beach to celebrate a good friend's birthday. I almost backed out because of my cough, but I was one of the drivers transporting several kids. I am glad I didn't bow out - it was so fun. We went to Huntington Beach and although it was overcast, the kids still went boogie boarding and had a blast. We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores... the kids even went back into the water at sunset. They claim that the water got warmer. The bonfire was perfect. We had an hour drive back home and then I had kids to drop off. One of the girls ended up staying the night so that she could come to church with us. Moving forward.

We didn't get much sleep, but I knew we had a full day ahead of us. Sundays are always very busy. We had all sorts of activities in the morning as well as an amazing youth night: Dose of Gross! Lots of kids turned out for it and I'm really excited about the growth of our teen group.
Glad that I've chosen to move forward.

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  1. well busy little bee. you need to quit partying so much and get better :) love you


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