Saturday, July 30, 2011

He has my heart...

This is my little guy at just 3 weeks old. I can't believe how small he is in this photo.
This is Marco today on his 4th birthday. When I see him lying in bed or on the couch, I am amazed at how long he is. He's my big guy. Look at those big, dark eyes. He melts me.
This was taken a little over a month ago in Washington. Yes, that is a giant rock that he wanted to throw into the frog pond. I didn't say he was perfect. haha!
My little man LOVES the beach. He can dig for hours, look for sand crabs or splash in the waves. However, he has had an asthma attack two different times at the beach, so we really have to watch him. He is so rough and tumble and at the same time, he is so fragile. Ugh. My heart.
This is right after he did a little dance move demonstration for us to his favorite song, "Never Say Never" from the Karate Kid movie. He's so funny and fearless.
Here he is being silly. He LOVES magnifying glasses because he loves to explore. We will be having an INSECT themed birthday party for him. He loves to find all kinds of little creatures like roly polies, snails, sand crabs, etc. He always declares that each one is his BEST FRIEND! lol
So, there he is. My youngest, my baby, my only boy. He came into this world weighing 10.1 lbs. Can you believe that? Yup. Big baby! He is such a tough kid, but he has such a tender heart. He loves to hear and tell stories. One day, after learning about David and Goliath, he told me: "Mom, I love you before God and Jesus and the Lord...and David. (big breath)... but NOT Goliath." haha!!
He loves superheroes and he loves animals. He loves to sing and dance and he loves life. We were so blessed the day he came. He certainly has all of our hearts!!


  1. Happy Birthday dear Marco!
    You ARE very blessed indeed Sherry. Your kids are wonderful and I hope Marco has an awesome day. Happy birthday lil man!

  2. Sherry,
    He is so handsome. 10.1 is A lot. I thought my guy was the big one 8.7 LOL. But yours tops it :P
    Happy Birthday Marco!!

  3. Aw, he's too cute! Happy Birthday, Marco!


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