Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spicy shrimp and asparagus with roasted baby bok choy...

We still had a whole pizza left over from last night's dinner...don't worry - I wasn't even tempted. Those tomato bites totally took care of that craving. So today when we got home from church, the kids pulled the pizza out of the fridge and got right to warming it up for themselves.
I thought about just nibbling on some salad or eat a boiled egg or two, but I knew that those would not satisfy. That's when I remembered that I had transferred some frozen shrimp to the fridge to thaw. Bingo!
I cut and washed the baby bok choy thoroughly. If you don't wash it well, you may end up biting into some gritty sand. Yuck. I coated it with coconut oil, crushed garlic and red pepper flakes. Then I put it in a glass pan and put it under the broiler to roast.
While I had that going, I rinsed the shrimp and also added pepper flakes, black pepper and garlic. I let that sit while I cut up some asparagus and began to sautee them in some olive oil. At this point I checked on the bok choy and popped a lid on the asparagus to speed up the cooking a bit. When the asparagus were starting to get tender, I added the shrimp and gave it a stir. I put the lid back on and let them all finish cooking for about 5 minutes.
Marco really enjoyed it and I did too. It was filling and I know that it's good for me. Victory again! One day at a time. =)

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  1. sounds so yummy. have you had chinese coconut shrimp?


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